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Voice and Data cabling with CAT5 and CAT6 cable
Coax cabling with RG6 and RG6 Quad Shield
(We use coax for Cable TV, Audio and video cabling and CCTV Cabling)

Fiber optic cabling:
Demark extension for T-1s and high circuits, CCTV and data cabling for locations longer then 300ft from routers. We try to use per terminated optic whenever possible, this ensure a clean and actuate connections.

Demark extension for data circuits and dial tone

We can cable your building during construction or we can retrofit your cabling if you are already in a finished office space, store or warehouse

We service both businesses and home clients.

We can connect multi buildings on the same campus together using conduits and fiber so you can share internet connections and servers.

We can help with layout and design of your cabling plan.



No matter how small or large, all businesses share a single imperative: growth. As you add employees or branch locations, managing multiple communication services can become both expensive and cumbersome. Multiple access circuits, limited bandwidth, and complicated phone systems all can result in increased costs, decreased efficiency, and major pain with each expansion.

A Converged Data and Voice solution helps eliminates these headaches and their excess costs. There is no need to squander time and money on services that are not used to their full potential, or to waste employee talent on tasks that aren’t part of your core business. Convergence allows you to run voice, Internet, and private data on one circuit. This means you only see one bill, and only pay for bandwidth and services you are actually using. Growth becomes as simple as an upgrade.

Converged Data and Voice Solution – How You Benefit

  • Simplicity that enables you to focus on your core business
  • Reduced expenses with bundled pricing and single access circuit
  • Increased efficiency with dynamic bandwidth allocation and aggregate trunking across locations
  • Flexibility that supports ever-changing business requirements

Converged Data and Voice Solution – How It Works
Convergence combines voice, Internet, and private data onto a single circuit, so businesses can eliminate multiple connections and service bills. It’s fully managed and traffic is prioritized, so business applications run as smoothly as before. The model supports single or multiple locations, and is available with legacy or modern equipment.

Telecommunication Services

We can sell and maintain the following telecommunications services: Croft Communications is authorized sales agent for ACC Business and Voice Step VOIP telephone services, Voice over Internet Protocol. VoIP products save businesses up to 70% on monthly costs while delivering next generation, easy to use features that are rapidly changing and simplifying the way we communicate.

T-1 circuits for data- deliveries 1.5MBS upload and downloads to the internet

T-1 to OC3 circuits for data and voice

From power connections in a -48v power board to wire wrapping on the back of a DSX1 pnl, Croft Communications is providing high quality work while meeting and beating completion deadlines.With sixteen years experience of meeting and exceeding the requirements of major corporation, Croft Communications is prepared to meet your companies new challenges.

In the North, South, East or West, with jobs large or small, there is one company to call.

Croft Communications
John Croft, President/COO
540-829-8552 office

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